Monday, July 20, 2020

J/Crews Dominate Bayview Mackinac Race

J/121 sailboat- sailing Bayview Mackinac Race
(Port Huron, MI)- The 2020 edition of the Bayview Mackinac Race will go down in the history books as one of the tougher races on record. It was no "walk-in-the-park" as the fleet endured many hours of beating upwind to get to Mackinac Island, despite the incredibly beautiful sailing conditions at the start on Saturday, June 11th.

Due to Canadian maritime restrictions over the covid-19 pandemic, this year's course was simple- "go north and finish!" The only obstacles were having to leave Thunder Bay Island and Bois Blanc Island to port before crossing the virtual GPS finish line between the famous lighthouse and Mackinac Island.

Despite the challenging weather conditions Saturday night and Sunday, most of the twenty J/Teams completed the entire race track. In the only two divisions that had J/Teams entered, it was a clean sweep for them in both.

J/111 sailboat- sailing Bayview Mackinac race
In eleven-boat Class D Racing division, Bob Cristoph's J/121 LOKI took both line honors and the corrected time win by nearly 20 minutes over Scott Sellers' J/111 NO SURPRISE. Third was John Harvey's J/120 SLEEPING TIGER, fourth Tim & John McGuire's J/112E ELEVATION, and fifth Don Hudak's J/111 CAPERS.

In the twelve-boat Class E Racing division, it was yet another J/sweep. Two J/35's took the top of the podium. Winning was Bill Vogan's MAJOR DETAIL, followed by Ed & John Bayer's FALCON. Third was Chris Mallet's J/109 SYNCHRONICITY, and fourth place went to Sam Powers' J/105 GRYPHON.

This year, the race featured a "Shore Course- Sport Boat" division. The sole J/team was Scott Sorbie's J/88 LEGACY, garnering some silverware in their first outing of the year to take the bronze in Class L Racing division..

J/111 No Surprise team in Michigan
The report from the Polk Wager on the J/111 NO SURPRISE team gives you some good "color commentary" on how it all went down getting beaten-up going to Mackinac:

"Another Mackinac Race in the books aboard the NO SURPRISE, and another spectacular adventure with friends and family. It was a difficult and physically uncomfortable race this year, with strong upwind breeze and challenging sea states leading to a very wet boat, long hours on the rail, and essentially no sleep for anyone. After we spent much of the race from the outside looking in, Scott found the shift we were waiting for at 9:00 PM on Sunday night to allow us to take second place in our class (and very nearly first).

J/111 No Surprise young sailors
A special shout-out to our three rookies: Trip Wagner, Hannah Sellers, and Hadley Camp (seen above). These three spent countless hours on the rail being pelted by waves, eagerly made sandwiches for the team as the boat pounded upwind in the Straits, pumped the boat out with buckets as needed, and even completed a classic midnight water-crashing-spray-everywhere jib change pretty much unassisted. And they did it all with enthusiasm and energy; it was great to be there at the start of what I am sure will be many future Mac race adventures for them."

J/35 sailboat- sailing Bayview Mackinac Race
Here's another report from J/35 DEAN's LIST owner- Dean Fitzpatrick- the J/35 class President and cheerleader:

"Congratulations to Ed Bayer and his crew in winning their division in the Bayview Mac Race! They had a very tight race with Bill Vogan's MAJOR DETAIL. These two boats were never more than two miles apart for the whole race.

That is proof positive of the strength and speed of one of the finest sailboats ever designed by Rod Johnstone- it goes like a train upwind! First and second place by J/35s, triumphing over a J/109, J/105, and a gaggle of Beneteau 36.7s!

Anyone looking to get the biggest bang for their buck only needs to see the results of this race. J/35's walk the walk. Great job by all, you guys once again are putting the sunshine on the J/35, and showcasing the J/35 renaissance to the whole sailing world!"   For more Bayview Mackinac Race sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.