Monday, June 1, 2020

Re-define Normal and Enjoy It!

Sailing on San Diego Bay
(San Diego, CA)- Last weekend on San Diego Bay, thirty-nine boats participated in the first race to be held since early March in all of southern California. Remarkably, the announcement had come out only three days earlier, and the strong response had everything to do with a smart plan and an eager audience.

As an active commercial and military port, the challenge with hosting events inside San Diego Bay is securing permission. However, amid this pandemic health crisis, optics are a challenge, too. For starters, the harbor is in plain view of government offices and an impatient population in downtown San Diego. To do this race, the boxes needed to be checked.

But, with strong relationships, and a track record for doing what they say, the Cortez Racing Association was able to work with the San Diego Harbor Police and U.S. Coast Guard to get their understanding and permission and created the CRA "Race Your Household I" event.  The hope is that it will evolve into a series all summer long!

As for the plan, it was shorthanded classes and same household crew, using government marks and a bare-bones race committee.

It was also about Corinthian spirit to cooperate and appreciate, and with Chamber of Commerce post-card sailing conditions, it laid the groundwork for future events.

Answering the call in the Singlehanded, Doublehanded, and Family Crew (3 or more) classes were an amazing cross-section of J/Teams enthusiastically heading "down to the sea again".  Those crews included Rudy Hasl's J/145 PALAEMON with family crew of Philip, Melanie, and Harris Hasl); Christina Seidel's J/24 CYGNET 2 (with family crew of Susan, Ella, and Holly Seidel); Bill & Robert Quealey's J/105 J-RABBIT SLIM; and Tim Lynch & Sandy Vissman's J/30 RUFFIAN.

In the end, winning the 3 or More Class was the Hasl family on their J/145 PALAEMON, while the Lynch & Vissman duo on their J/30 RUFFIAN sailed home to take the silver.

"Thank you's" to Race Committee Chair Colleen Cooke and Fleet Captain Rich Chambers! And, congratulations to the class winners, who will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from Fiddler's Green- compliments of owner Steve Rock! You have to LOVE Steve and his crew at Fiddler's Green, truly amazing people! :)

Said Scuttlebutt's Craig Leweck, "I have said this before, but for those harbors waiting to return to their normal competition schedule, you will be waiting too long. The season is on, people want to use their boats, and there are ways to do it. While major sports leagues struggle to return to their normal, we can re-define ours and still have a great time. We sure did!" 

Stay tuned for Race Your Household II, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 6!  Thanks for contribution by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News   Learn more about the Cortez Racing Association racing schedule here. Add to Flipboard Magazine.