Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Sailors Go Binge Watching!

J/121 sailing videos(Newport, RI)- During the coronavirus lockdown, the marine industry has gone virtual to produce webinars and interviews. Here are some new sailing videos to explore from various J/Boats classes and our industry partners:

J/70- https://www.jboats.com/j70-video
J/80- https://www.jboats.com/j80-sailing-videos
J/88- https://www.jboats.com/j88-sailing-video
J/97E- https://www.jboats.com/j97e-videos
J/99- https://www.jboats.com/j99-videos
J/111- https://www.jboats.com/j111-sailing-video
J/112E- https://www.jboats.com/j112e-video
J/121- https://www.jboats.com/j121-videos

Marlow Ropes - https://www.marlowropes.com/marlow-ropes-media-hub
North Sails - https://www.northsails.com/sailing/en/education
Quantum Sails - https://www.quantumsails.com/en/resources-and-expertise
UK Sailmakers - https://www.uksailmakers.com/rules-quiz
Ullman Sails - https://www.facebook.com/ullmansails
US Sailing Starboard Portal - https://www.ussailing.org/starboard-portal

Thanks for this list from our friends at Scuttlebutt Sailing in San Diego, CA. Add to Flipboard Magazine.