Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Best Boat Movies to Watch During Quarantine

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(London, England)- At the famous superyacht magazine- BOATING INTERNATIONAL- Olivia Michel got together with their editors and rounded up the best movies about sailing to watch during the coronavirus quarantine...

Movie "Adrift"
Movie List:
Movie- Life of Pi
Plus, here is another list of boating/ ocean movies compiled by Scuttlebutt newsletter:

• Around Cape Horn- https://youtu.be/9tuTKhqWZso
• Captain Courageous- https://youtu.be/fP19-5_EULo
• Captain Ron- https://youtu.be/NmW-xipCWqs
• Coyote: The Mike Plant Story- https://youtu.be/8AAgh9a7pb0
- DRUM: An Extraordinary Adventure- https://youtu.be/7DSvnPccpps
- Following Seas- https://youtu.be/7EZUmZh6vys
• Horatio Hornblower- https://youtu.be/Qtqwbcmf8TM
• Joshua Slocum: The First Man to Sail Around the World- https://youtu.be/5K6ZQiOUG9M
• Maiden Voyage- https://youtu.be/kR58E2sJMtM
• Message in a Bottle- https://youtu.be/Ur9xLzOJNIs
• Morning Light (TP52 Disney movie)- https://youtu.be/R9TxerbH4Ek
• One Crazy Summer- https://youtu.be/B7ipOl2A7iw
• Red Dot on the Ocean- https://youtu.be/4JTevDdUs3E
• The African Queen- https://youtu.be/HUKpm2bcIz8
• The Cruel Sea- https://youtu.be/joUDAD3GB3g
• The Enemy Below- https://youtu.be/oRXXjWZoVK0
• The Perfect Storm- https://youtu.be/RZvljNvnd18
• The Riddle of the Sands- https://youtu.be/Rr-bjOagqJY
• The Weekend Sailor- https://youtu.be/y8oB4w3oVqE
• The World in His Arms- https://youtu.be/CAjwcJGFxsg
• The 7th Voyage of Sinbad- https://youtu.be/ZMFdVEQcH_0
• Thomas Crown Affair- https://youtu.be/c0T77_qBl7g
• Treasure Island- https://youtu.be/yyZy-Ad78fk
• Turning Tide- https://youtu.be/8jWHvfJNjxk
- Violets are Blue- https://youtu.be/40kros1dEGg
• White Squall- https://youtu.be/2T6WvayGd64
• Wild Things- https://youtu.be/M6DsFyC9l-U

That list should keep you entertained for at least a week! LOL! Enjoy!
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