Wednesday, March 18, 2020

J/122 JOSS Tops Bunbury Return Offshore Race

J/122 sailing off Perth, Australia
(Perth, Western Australia)- The 170.0nm 72nd Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club’s Bunbury Return Race was recently held off the western shores of Perth, Australia. The fleet started at 5:30pm off Port Beach in North Fremantle. Sixteen yachts raced down the coast, past Garden Island, Mandurah and into Koombana Beach just north of Bunbury before heading north for the finish off South Mole in Fremantle.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast indicated the winds would be turning to the north and reducing in strength throughout the evening and staying from that direction until the Saturday afternoon sea breezes.

J/122 Joss sailing offshore
Ian Clyne’s J/122 JOSS was ecstatic to place first in Division 1.  “On the water we were neck-and-neck the whole race with the higher rated yachts liked Checkmate, Obsession, and Al Fresco," commented Clyne.

"JOSS was 3rd around the Bunbury return mark with Indian leading the fleet, followed by Weapon of Choice. On the way home the battle continued with numerous sail changes and extremely tight racing.  Fantastic crew effort as we gave it our all,” said Clyne.  Photo credit: RFBYC Media and Sailsonswan Add to Flipboard Magazine.