Saturday, February 8, 2020

SCYA Midwinter Regatta Preview

J/70s sailing off Marina del Rey, CA
(Marina del Rey, CA)- The annual Southern California Yachting Association Midwinters Regatta will be taking place this upcoming weekend. The event is hosted by multiple clubs across the SoCal region, spanning from southern San Diego north to Santa Barbara. The most watched event will likely be the dozen J/70s that are sailing off Marina del Rey, hosted by California Yacht Club. As host for the 2020 J/70 World Championship, the J/70 teams will be looking to test, in particular, their boat tuning and boat speed settings for the traditional light to moderate sea breezes that often develop just offshore the zillion miles of beaches stretching down the coastline.

Many of the top J/70 teams from the West Coast will be on hand testing their settings.  Such teams include Curt Johnson's AVET 2.01, Steve Wyman's NUNUHUNU, Craig Tallman's JAYA, Thomas Tunberg's NAMASTE, Chris Raab's SUGOI, Jim Murrell's HUCKLEBERRY, and Patrick Danly's BOONDOGGLE. The long-distance traveling awards certainly go to Seattle YC's Mike Breivik’s USA 49 team and St Francis YC's Wendi Vandermeer's USA 614.  Sailing photo credits- Paul Todd/ Outside Images.  For more SCYA Midwinters 2020 sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.