Friday, November 15, 2019

AERONAUTICA MILITARE Win Italian J/70 Sailing League

J/70s sailing off Trieste, Italy
(Portopiccolo, Trieste, Italy)- The finale of the Italian J/70 Sailing League took place in the picturesque port of Portopiccolo in Trieste, Italy on the northeastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. A dozen teams participated in the regatta in very light, very difficult conditions; only three races were sailed for each team over the three-day weekend!

Winning the regatta was the Italian Aeronautica Militare Team, comprised of Niccolò Bertola (helmsman), Giancarlo Simeoli (tactician), Marco Balbi (bow), and Giovanni Bannetta (trim).
J/70s sailing off Trieste, Italy
Their tactician- Giancarlo Simeoli- had this to say about the regatta: "It was a complicated championship that took place in very light wind conditions, ending with a suspense lasting up to the last minute among the top three teams. We started with some bad races on the first day and, honestly, we knew that it was above all a lack of training in this particular race format, very fast tests and tight maneuvers, fleet crossings and match race duels. Then, with the continuation of the races, we meshed well and re-discovered how to better coordinate our team. Finally, impeccable, as always, the excellent hospitality in Portopiccolo, thanks for its amazing and efficient staff!”
J/70s sailing at mark off Trieste, Italy
The regatta chairman exclaimed, “at the conclusion of this Italian Championship, we would like to express our thanks to all the participants. The victory by the Italian Aeronautica Militare team, followed by the Compagnia della Vela with the multi-champion Tommaso Chieffi aboard, and the third place of the Velica Garda Saló team with the famous Pietro Corbucci at the helm. The level of competition demonstrated the importance that clubs give to the LegaVela Championship. The Italian title won by the Aeronautica Militare is another ribbon that Giancarlo Simeoli and his airmen will be able to pin on their uniforms. Thank you Portopiccolo, for having hosted us in a splendid setting and a special thanks to the Società Velica Barcola and Grignano, the Diporto Nautico Sistiana and the Yacht Club Porto Piccolo for organizing an impeccable Italian Championship worthy of the prestigious title it awards. Finally, special thanks go to President Francesco Ettorre and his entire Federal Council, which always supports LegaVela with particular enthusiasm and confidence.”

Behind the Aeronautica Militare, taking the silver was the Compagnia della Vela from Venezia, and taking the bronze was the Società Canottieri Garda Saló.  Follow the Italian J/70 Sailing League here   For more Italian J/70 Sailing League information Add to Flipboard Magazine.