Sunday, October 27, 2019

J/80 Singlehanded Challenge Launches in China

The dream of sailing a singlehanded boat across the China Sea started back in 2015. “Hualian”, as he is known, dreamed of sailing a J/80 sailboat specially equipped to handle the challenges of sailing offshore for 1,600 nm (about 3,000 km). No one has done it before and, in China, such challenges are seen in the same light as other famous Chinese climbers getting to the top of the world’s tallest mountain- Mount Everest at 29,029 feet tall.

Hualian’s first two attempts in 2019 were not completed. In the first attempt, he exclaims, “I experienced 30 knots sustained winds and very low temperature of minus 5 degrees (that’s very cold with wind chill!). I hang up the fishing net, so to speak, and I give up, as the conditions were getting dangerous. The second attempt was just before the late fall. However, because I experienced failure of my main power generation and navigation equipment, I had to stop sailing before the end of the first 24 hours. So, sadly and unfortunately, I had to give up, again.

After more than a year of preparation, Hualian plans to start again from Qingdao at around 10:00 am on October 16, 2019, driving the his J/80 WHITE WAVE all the way south to the beautiful island of Sanya (China’s version of America’s Hawaii).

The challenge is strictly in accordance with the standards of Solo and Non-stop in the international maritime industry. During this period, he will not stop at any port and will not accept any material help from the outside world. There will be no replenishment and no security team will follow. Hualian will be alone on the 1,600 nm (about 3,000 km) voyage, avoiding the ubiquitous fishing nets and the busy ships on the Chinese sea, while managing himself and the ships at all times.

Because it is difficult and dangerous, this level of challenge has not been completed in China, and it is worth exploring and making progress.

Singlehanded sailing does not stop at the China Sea! Follow the J/80 WHITE WAVE as part of championing the Extreme Challenge Environmental Protection project.  Follow the J/80 WHITE WAVE on YB Tracking here 24x7 on his 1,600 nm voyage Add to Flipboard Magazine.