Thursday, October 31, 2019

HONEYBADGER Chomps J/24 East Coasts

J/24s sailing off starting line
(Annapolis, MD)- The Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis, MD hosted the 2019 edition of the J/24 East Coast Championship for a fleet of twenty-three boats from across the northeastern seaboard. The SSA PRO managed to run a nine-race series over a three-day race weekend.

Winning the regatta was the infamous Travis Odenbach and his consistently successful team aboard HONEYBADGER. They won the event with an impressive record that included three aces, two deuces, and two treys to win by a huge margin. While looking in the rear-view mirror, Odenbach did not need to worry about any of his pursuers. Seventeen points back was Tony Parker’s generally very competitive crew on the equally famous BANGOR PACKET. Proving their first day’s debacles were an anomaly, Mark Hillman’s ORION posted triple bullets in the last three races to quickly climb back onto the third step on the podium. As a basic precursor to the upcoming J/24 Worlds in Miami, Florida, it was an abject lesson in sailing fast and conservatively. Rounding out the top five was a J/24 World Champion- Mike Ingham’s NAUTALYTICS and in fifth was Evan Petley-Jones Nova Scotia crew.  For more J/24 East Coast Championship sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.