Thursday, March 28, 2019

J/70 Sevastopol International Cup Announcement!

J/70s sailing off Sevastopol, Russia
(Sevastopol, Russia)- From September 19 to September 22, 2019, a brand new and grand sailing event will be held in Sevastopol - the first international regatta for J/70’s in Russia- the Sevastopol International Cup. The project organizers promise participation by international teams from Europe, Asia, and across the world.  Simply apply to the National Sailing League in Moscow, see links below. You do not have to bring your own boat, just fly in with your crew!

Given the fact that the regatta will become the main part of the program of the Sea Festival known as the “Sailing Week of Sevastopol,” the event will be truly unforgettable.  For those international teams interested, there will also be a serious prize fund for the event for the podium finishes as well as daily prizes. Winning teams can either keep the cash prizes or donate them to their favorite charities.

In fact, as a “sailing league” style event, the supplied J/70’s will be racing in the spectacular bay of Sevastopol, on the warm, azure blue waters of the Black Sea. There are several spectacular seaside spa resorts nearby for regatta participants- like Sevastopol Hotel & Spa or Aquamarine Spa & Hotel.
Sevastopol, Russia
Note- the event will also be broadcast across Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world with “live” feeds over the Internet.

The sailing league is growing and growing, and now the National J/70 Sailing League has their blog on Russia’s national sports portal. As a result, all sailing news from the various regattas taking place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Sevastopol, and Vladivostok can now be found on Russia’s largest sports resource. You can follow their rapidly growing fleet of J/70s at the links below!
J/70 Russian Sailing League
Russian J/70 Sailing League on SPORTS.RU here  Follow the Russian J/70 Sailing League here  Russian J/70 Sailing League promo video (nicely done)  The Russian National Sailing League site is here. Add to Flipboard Magazine.