Thursday, September 6, 2018

YOUNGSTERS II Takes Danish Youth League Act III

Danish J/70 Youth team (Skovshoved, Denmark)- The Danish J/70 Sailing League created their Youth League two years ago and it continues to grow in popularity with young kids at sailing clubs across Denmark.  The combination of young girls and boys competing on the water and socializing ashore has made it fun and exciting for them. Last weekend, they enjoyed great sailing with racing managed by the Skovshoved Sailing Club.

This year, it was the YOUNGSTER II team that won the event at Skovshoved- the second time they have done so. The team consists of brothers Jeppe & Nikolaj Borch, Amanda Ulmdal, Mathias Rossing and Nikolaj Rasmussen.

The skipper- Jeppe Borch- talked about the close sailing they experienced over the weekend, “it was very close sailing each day.  In fact, we did not win until we beat the SUNDBY MARLINS in the last race, on the last run to the finish! We luckily pulled the longest straw!  Thank goodness! The SUNDBY MARLINS got a few penalties at the start, so we got a little distance on them right from the beginning. It was great that we could finish the weekend standing at the top of the podium!”

The second place SUNDBY MARLINS, consisting of Josefine Boel Rasmussen, Kristian Schaldemose, Søren Andersen and Marc Wain, beat their previous best position in the Youth League by taking a podium for the competition. Before the competition, the team hoped for lots of fun and good wind, and they got what they came for!

SUNDBY’s female skipper- Josefine Boel Rasmussen- said that, "we were happy with the weekend. Our not so good results in some races were mainly due to our mistakes or situations where we had fouled other teams. So, when we managed to get off with free wind, it was good to sail the boat fast, get a few good wind shifts, and hit it right, even winning some races!”

With only one point separating the other teams on the podium, the game was a tough battle through the final race. The BANDHOLM WHITETAILED EAGLES team, that included skipper Bo Schulein, Ole Lindberg, Christian Torp and Peter Ammundsen, ended up landing on the podium at the last minute, even though they nearly threw away that opportunity several times. Sunday’s last race 4th place was due to the fact they had to do circles to exonerate themselves from a penalty incurred during the race; had they taken 5th, they would have finished 5th!

The balance of the top five included the DTU SAIL RACING TEAM in 4th place and the THURO PIRATES in 5th position.  Follow the Danish J/70 Youth Sailing League here on Facebook  For Danish Youth Sailing League video highlights  For more Danish J/70 Sailing League information Add to Flipboard Magazine.