Sunday, June 10, 2018

J/109 Junkyard Dog Spin-Cup Video

J/109 Junkyard Dog sailing off San Francisco(San Francisco, CA)- The J/109 JUNKYARD DOG and her Dog Pound crew have another sailing video of their experience in the Spinnaker Cup Race from San Francisco Bay to Monterey Bay offshore.

According to JUNKYARD DOG’s owner, Jim Goldberg, “It was a very pleasant & casual trip down the Pacific coast this year, with enough wind and swell to make things fun and interesting, but never too much.  Unfortunately, that doesn't offer up a whole lot of crash and burn video footage!

We had a strong start, but dropped the ball when we choose the A6 asym spinnaker over the A4 asym spinnaker as the winds shifted aft.  Besides, it being slower than the A4, I think there just wasn't enough wind to carry the chicken chute deep enough.  I'm still recovering from my SF Bay induced PTSD where it's never a question of "if" it will blow 30+, but "when".  Our area has a way of keeping even the bravest sailors quite humble.  We had a brand new 20-minute-old kite evaporate into thin air at the end of last year’s season on the Bay when a 40-knot gust pinned us on our ear! Ouch!!  There must be some sort of support group in SF Bay for similar sailors suffering from SF Bay induced PTSD, I just need to find them! Races like this are also very good for the soul and confidence!"

Enjoy the J/109 sailing video here on YouTube
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