Monday, April 2, 2018

Warsash Spring Series- Week II Report

J/112E wins first race- Helly Hansen Warsash Spring series
(Warsash, England)- What a difference a week makes- for the first weekend of the series, all racing was cancelled as strong winds and a blanket of snow covered the south of England.  However, on Sunday, March 25th, light winds and relatively balmy temperatures were the order of the day!

Challenge number one for the race committee came when the primary Black Group committee boat broke down and couldn't be enticed into starting. So, the team had to squeeze onto the club’s smaller committee boat named “Lobster.” Challenge number two for both race committees was setting start lines and courses in the light Northerly air, with wind speeds between 5 to 8 knots.

As everyone knows, light winds off the mainland shore mean a shifty day, with success going to those who get the majority of shifts right, while also keeping an eye on the strong tides. Both groups had postponements while waiting for the wind to settle.

Black Group was started near North Ryde Middle, with zig-zag courses up to a laid mark near the Bramble post, with a couple of forays across the tide to buoys on the island side. The principal being that a number of shortening course options were available, if required. Starting was well disciplined in all classes, with some being quite shy, in fact. But, all fleets got away cleanly.

The IRC classes found their last two legs were quite tactical, crossing the fairly strong tide from the island back to the Bramble bank- there was more breeze on the bank than on the island, and some boats that kept to the island side lost out, with a couple of boats over standing the finish.

The winner in the IRC 2 class was Chaz Ivill’s J/112E DAVANTI TYRES (photo above) and the winner in IRC 3 Class was David Greenhalgh’s J/92 J'RONIMO.
J/109 Jubilee wins first race- Warsash Spring series
The leaders of the J/109 class are Christopher Preston’s JUBILEE (above) in first, followed by Simon Perry’s JIRAFFE and Rob Cotteril’s MOJO RISIN’.
J/88 sailing fast- Warsash Spring Series
In the J/88 class, Gavin Howe’s TIGRIS (above) clawed their way to the top, with Richard Cooper’s JONGLEUR hanging on to second and David & Kirsty Apthorp’s J-DREAM in third.

The White Group managed to get three races completed in the shifty conditions. Race 1 saw a very closely fought start, but all boats got away cleanly. Race 2 was postponed while the course was reset to reflect the wind swing, and this time there was a general recall as boats found themselves over the line in the strong tide. However, the next start got away cleanly after advice from the committee boat and the added enticement of a black flag. For Race 3 the course was moved again, and this time the breeze built slightly, however, the race was shortened to ensure three races were completed.
J/70 DSP winning - Helly Hansen Warsash Spring series
DSP (Douglas Struth)(photo above) and JEEPSTER (Graham Clapp) ended the day leading the J/70s, with Simon Cavey’s JUST4PLAY holding on to the third slot. The J/70 is noticeably the largest class represented in White Group - probably the combination of being the newest kid on the block, plus the fact that the J/70 worlds next year are in the UK- even Warsash SC member Jon Powell is campaigning the J/70 PEGGY this year; he’s clearly learning fast, having won the second race of the day!

The Helly Hansen Warsash Spring Series is sponsored by Helly Hansen @HellyHansen with race partners Crewsaver and Doyle Sails. The Crewsaver Warsash Spring Championship will run on the following weekends: 21/22 April and 28/29 April 2018.  For more Helly Hansen Warsash Spring Series sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.