Friday, March 23, 2018

Tough Scatchet Head Race

J/160 sailing off Seattle(Seattle, WA)- The second race of the Center Sound Series is now on the books, a three-race even hosted by Corinthian YC of Seattle.  The start on Saturday was at 10:00 AM.  The 26.0nm course left the starting mark buoy to port, round Scatchet Head Lighted Gong Buoy (LL#16555) to port, and finish by leaving the finishing mark buoy to port.

In Class 2, John Sezer’s J/80 RECKLESS has a 4-6 so far and sits in 4th place, followed by the J/80 TAJ MAHAL in 5th and Leo Morales’ J/27 WIZARD in 7th.

Crushing Class 3 was Pat Denney’s J/29 HERE & NOW, counting two 1sts in their scoreline for the series.

Class 4 was comprised of the J/105 one-design class.  At this time, Erik Kristen’s MORE JUBILEE is leading with a 2-1 for 3 pts, followed by Jim Geros’ LAST TANGO with a 1-4 for 5 pts and Chris Phoenix’s JADED with a 4-3 for 7 pts.  It is tight racing amongst these tenacious competitors!

In Class 5, Don & George Leighton’s J/35 TAHLEQUAH sits in 5th place with a 5-4 and just behind them is Natalie Pryde’s J/92S SHIVA with an 8-6 tally.

In general, the J/109s normally rule their Class 6, but they had a rough go of it this time around.  Top J/109 was Stu Burnell’s TANTIVY in 3rd place with a 6-3.  Chris Johnson’s J/120 WITH GRACE sits in 4th with a 4-5.  Then, Jerry Woodfield’s J/109 SHADA was 5th with a 7-6.

By far the most “loaded” class for talent was Class 7, with some of the Pacific Northwest’s top sailors in their ranks.  Nevertheless, John Murkowski’s J/122E JOY RIDE sits in 2nd place with a 2-4, just one point off the leader Carl Buchan (he’s an Olympic Gold Medallist!). Sitting in 6th place is Shawn Dougherty & Jason Andrews’ J/125 HAMACHI with a 6-5.

In the “big boat” class, we find Bill Fox sailing the redoubtable J/160 JAM into 3rd place so far, with a 3-4 tally.  Not bad for a “cruising/ racing” boat racing against a trio of TP52s, and a custom RP55!  Sailing photo credits- Jan's Pics/ Jan Anderson.  For more Corinthian YC Seattle Center Sound Series sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.