Friday, March 23, 2018

Southwest J/70 Circuit Announcement

J/70s sailing off Corpus Christi, TX (Corpus Christi, TX)- The 2018 Southwest J/70 Circuit is still in its formative stages, but so far here are two events that are to die for since they are on two of the more incredible places to sail in Texas- Corpus Christi and Austin.

Surfin Safari Regatta
Corpus Christi YC invites all J/70s to come join them to celebrate spring and the start of the 2018 sailing season at the 2018 Surfin Safari Regatta sponsored by Republic Distributing. Of note, this is also one of the MOST popular events in the J/24 Texas Circuit.

Why? Simple.  There will be beer, rum, nuking winds and good times had by all (or most).  Please note- this is not a statement of fact, but one of hope; the only thing they can actually promise is the beer and rum. Plus, the CCYC pool will be heated by then so you don’t have to miss the traditional CCYC after race pool party!  But, trust them, it blows like hell in Corpus Christi Bay and the sailing is amazing- shorts, shades, blowing hot at 20-25 kts every day. If there was ever a “perfect” venue for a J/70, this place is it! For any questions, please direct them to Josh Richline- CCYC Race Chair -

Southwest Circuit Stop #1- Austin
The first Southwest Circuit Stop in Austin is coming up! Lake Travis is beautiful and ready for J/70 racing.  Beautiful fresh water racing and the same format as last year.  Lots of races!  For those that did not attend, your organizing committee- Bruce McDonald- requested that many races be held.  Everyone in attendance loved the format!  J/Boats Southwest is buying a keg from the local brewpub “Shiner Beer” for Saturday night refreshments!  Plus, as the home of the University of Texas, Austin’s nightlife, restaurants, bars and entertainment is truly world-class (maybe beyond world-class, like in a class of its own!   Be sure to sign up now! Go here and get'er done!

For more Southwestern J/70 sailing information, please be sure to contact Scott Spurlin- cell- 512-423-2179 or email- Add to Flipboard Magazine.