Tuesday, March 13, 2018

17 National Sailing Leagues Competing Europe 2018

J/70s sailing champions league (Hamburg, Germany)- Five years after the first National Sailing League kicked-off in Germany, 16 other sailing leagues were founded in Europe. The newest “family members” are Croatia and Lithuania, starting in 2018.

The wave of success is still running strong and sailing leagues are taking over Europe. Each country that has sailable waters within its borders has sailors that are crazy about the league format; most of them are getting prepared to start their own National Sailing Leagues.

J/70s sailing champions leagueBesides the Premiere Sailing League in the USA as the only non-European sailing league, Greece hosts its kick-off event of “Hellas Sailing League” in July 2018.

Spain already sent tracking operators to the latest training session by SailTracks even though there is no sailing league founded– yet. The organizers of SAILING Champions League were also contacted by Estonia. So, the “sailing league family” of International Sailing League Association continues to grow…

Of note, of the 17 leagues to date, a dozen of the largest leagues have all standardized on the wildly popular J/70, the world’s fastest growing and largest sportboat class.  Its popularity stems from its tremendous ease-of-sailing by all ages (young and old alike), as well as by its attractiveness for speed and one-design competition by all levels of competitive sailors, from beginners to Olympic Medallists. For more SAILING Champions League information Add to Flipboard Magazine.