Friday, January 13, 2017

boot Dusseldorf Boat Show Extravaganza!

J/97E family sports cruiser By Stuart Johnstone
(Dusseldorf, German)- With over 300 sailboat related exhibitors, there is no question the world’s largest sailboat show in the heart of Europe is an exciting place to visit.  Das boot, the boat show, takes place from January 21st to 29th.

On display in Hall 15/ Booth B21 will be two choices for J/Clan aficionados.  For those into performance, the two little speedsters will be on display- the J/70 and J/88. And, for those into fast, comfortable cruising- the J/97E and the J/112E.

In Germany alone, the most significant impact on sailing has been the evolution of the J/70 Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga, with over 80 sailing clubs participating and thousands of sailors across Germany.  Then, across Europe, there are 14 national SAILING Champions League series all hosted with the famous International J/70- the world’s fastest growing sportsboat class- a boat that can be sailed by anyone in the community of sailing- young and old alike, women, children, 8 to 80 yrs old!!

The next-generation sport-cruisers, the “E” series of the J/97 and J/112, are proving to be quite popular in Europe.  At the Paris Boat Show, the J/112E had an enthusiastic reception with sailing families seeking to combine the “joy of sailing” with lots of expansive comfort on deck and down below in the sunny interior.  Learn more about why J/112E was selected as SAILNG WORLD’s Boat of the Year and also EUROPEAN Boat of the Year.  For more Boot Dusseldorf show information