Thursday, September 1, 2016

Furesøen Tops Denmark J/70 Sailing League- Act III

Danish J/70 sailing league winners- Furoesen SC (Thisted, Denmark)- Even before the season's last rally in the Danish Sailing League Division 2, the YC Furesøen may be able to celebrate their advancement to the Sailing League's Division 1! It is clear after their triumphant victory in Thisted that YC Furesøen is ready for “the big leagues”!

The talented YC Furesøen struck again and secured their season's second victory of three possible in Sailing League's second division. The team rallied in Thisted, the four young YCF sailors won six races in 11 races, never finishing out of the top three!  A simply incredible performance!  With such a strong record, it provided them a comfortable lead for the three races in the Gold Finale.  Ironically, their competitors grew quite excited when they bombed their first race in the finale, posting an uncharacteristic last place!  But, their hopes were soon dashed as YCF simply smoked the fleet in the last two races with a 1-2 to win with ease.

Danish J/70 sailing league"We lead around the first windward mark in the first race, but then we got locked in by starboard boats behind us on the run who had slid inside on puff.  As a result, the entire fleet rounded inside us on the favored side of the course," explained Kasper Skiveren from YCF.

"We came back with a second place in the next race and the last we raced we got a bullet. It was super nice to come back that way," said Jacob Pjetursson, a YCF crew member.

Behind Furesøen, it was Gilleleje YC in second and Sejlklubben Sundet in third place. Sejlklubben Copenhagen, Thurø Sailing Club and Silkeborg Yacht Club also reached the FINAL 6 and finished in that order in places 4th to 6th.

As a result of their win, YC Furesøen have a 5pt lead over Sejlklubben Sundet in the season series after three events.  Lying third is Silkeborg Sailing Club with 44 points.

Only one event is left in Skovshoved, scheduled for September 10th-11th. While it is clear that YC Furesoen will emerge as the ultimate winners, it is “clear as mud” what is happening for the balance of the podium.  The balance of the top five all sits within 8pts of each other, so anything can happen in the finale at Skovshoved for Sejklubben Sundet, Silkeborg Sejlklub, Sonderborg YC and Struer Sejlklub.  For more Danish J/70 Sailing League information