Saturday, July 30, 2016

J/22 Warrior Sailing Program- need trailer!

J/22 for Warrior sailing (Newport, RI)- According to Ben Poucher, “Warrior Sailing has been plugging away with 55 new sailors from our basic level camps and 2 advanced level camps completed this summer.  We have also had some great success this year competing in the J/22 and Sonar divisions throughout the country with our competitive team.

We were hosted last weekend by St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco for some big breeze training in their J/22s to prepare for the J/22 Worlds this August in Kingston, Ontario.  We are going to train out of College of Charleston August 2-5 in J/22s as our final preparation for the big week from August 19-25th in Canada.

However, we need a J/22 Trailer.  We were donated a J/22 for our own use, but it didn't come with a trailer.  We are looking to have one donated or one for purchase prior to the J/22 worlds in August.  We would need the trailer to be in or around Charleston on the 15th of August!?! Is there any J/22 sailor out there who could help us??

In the meantime, we are looking to expand the program to not only compete in the J/22 open competitions, but also looking to get into some slightly bigger boats for our team.  We have expanded our team and would like to get into a donated J/80, J/105, J/109, or J/111.  I am seeking out potential donations to Warrior Sailing and strategically place these boats in location throughout the US for our team to attend and compete in various classes.  We would also be developing and building adaptive equipment for these boats as we progress.”  If any J/Sailors can help, please contact Ben Poucher - ph 269-598-7119