Sunday, July 24, 2016

J/160 Pipe Dream Cruising to Bahamas

J/160 Pipe Dream sailing from Bermuda to Bahamas (Hamilton, Bermuda)- The J/160 PIPE DREAM update- from RoseAnn Vineberg and Mike D'Errico:   “We spent The Fourth of July docked at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Fireworks were a little skimpy, but what do you expect when the British lost!  Today, July 5th, we sailed from Hamilton to St.George's, and will clear customs in the morning and head directly to sea. It will be 4-5 days to the Bahamas, depending where we choose to put-in. The weather looks good.

While here in St. George's, docked next to the super yacht, "Altair," a man came over to Pipe Dream. His name is Roddy Hearn. I first met him on a remote beach in Western Mexico! His parents are CCA members from Seattle. In Mexico they all asked to share our beach party fire in exchange for some fish they caught that day. Since then, I have seen them in Seattle, St. Lucia and Scotland! It is a very small world, indeed!

As I write this, it is a very nice night here. The tree frogs are singing loudly. However, I am looking forward to being in the ocean tomorrow.  More soon on this most amazing adventure!”