Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Three Buoy Fiasco Report

J/105 sailing off Seattle (Seattle, WA)- The Sloop Tavern YC in Seattle, WA held their annual version of the Three Buoy Fiasco this past weekend to much fanfare and aplomb from the masses aligning the shore at daybreak.  OK, well a few happy dogs being taken for a walk in the morning along the seawall enjoyed the spectacle.  The STYC got the ball rolling on time for the enthusiastic sailors and all took off on their prescribed 13.515nm course around the three buoys either clockwise or counter-clockwise.  It was a relatively quick race with the top boats getting around in an elapsed time of just over 2 hours!

The Three Buoy Fiasco courseIn Class 1 No-Flying Sails (e.g. just the white triangle stuff), Tom Kerr’s J/33 CORVO took second with Bill Daniel’s J/100 TOURIST in third.  In Class 3 Flying Sails, we saw Mark Daniel’s J/24 ROSHAMBO haul off the silver- good going!  Then, Class 5 Flying Sails there was a virtual sweep of the class, with Leo’s J/27 WIZARD winning with Geoff Wolf’s J/30 CONRAD J in second, Walker Lockhart’s J/80 JOLLY GREEN in third and Ulf George Gwildis’ J/30 IMPULSIVE in fifth.  Finally, in the Class 6 Flying Sails it was Jerry Woodfield’s J/109 SHADA that won and also took third overall!  Taking second was the most famous Pacific NW J/105, Jim Geros’ LAST TANGO, also securing sixth overall!

Yes, it was quite an eclectic fleet of “classic” J’s, hauling the mail around the 13+nm course had to make for a great weekend of sailing with the Cascade Mountains towering off to the East and the mighty Olympics thrusting skyward to the west as a pretty little tapestry in the background of every selfie taken in the race!!  Sailing photo credits- Jan Anderson/ Janpix.com For more Three Buoy Fiasco sailing information