Tuesday, June 7, 2016

J/70 Fleet Program Announcement!

J70 fleet club boat (Newport, RI)- J/Boats is excited to announce a new J/70 Club Fleet Program available for all North American sailing organizations, community sailing and yacht clubs. The program is inspired by the recent increase in Club fleet purchases, including an order received earlier this month for ten J/70s to replace a fleet of Sonars (details to be announced in an upcoming press release) and, of course, the fleet of boats recently purchased by Detroit area members of Grosse Pointe YC and Bayview YC.

Clubs are actively seeking replacement options for aging keelboat fleets; a principal motivating factor is that sailing organizations are hoping to attract and retain younger members in the process.

The J/70 Club Fleet Program is perfectly positioned to fill this growing need and to re-invigorate sailing at the club level.  The J/70 Club Fleet Program package includes the following:
  • 2017 Model J/70 with club specification
  • Triad Single-axle Trailer
  • J/70 Club Sail Package (Mainsail, furling jib and spinnaker)
  • Volume pricing for 2, 4 and 6 boat fleets
J/70 fleet startClub Fleet program boats are 100% class legal J/70s. The Club sails are slightly de-powered (smaller) from class sails but a club or its members can easily add a suit of J/70 class sails for competing in class events.

The meteoric rise of the J/70 continues with over 1,000 boats built worldwide in just four years. There’s an active and growing International J/70 Class with strong membership and fleets on four continents, and the future looks bright for this trend to continue. The J/70 is appealing to sailors of all generations, and this fact alone is why the J/70 has become THE modern trailerable keelboat of choice for a growing number of clubs and sailing leagues across Europe and in the USA.  For more J/70 fleet information- please contact Jeff Johnstone at Ph- 401-846-8410 or email- info@jboats.com