Friday, May 20, 2016

Sailing League Extravaganza Eclipses Europe!

J/70 Danish Sailing League (The Hague, The Netherlands)- This coming weekend marks the start, and continuation, of several prominent sailing leagues across Europe and Russia.  For those of you who love the idea of sailing in evenly-matched one-design boats, it’s the best type of sailing you can experience anywhere in the world.  Eighteen sailing clubs show up to rotate into six J/70s with identical tuning and sails.  You only have to show up with a team of four people and battle with brains and boat-handling with other top sailors in your league.  Youth, women and men sailors comprise the teams and it is an amazingly “social” event, with teams commiserating and chatting about their experiences on-shore while they wait to get back into the boats again in yet another rotation.

For armchair sailors, be sure to fire-up your web browsers and following in real-time these sailing events with real-time “live” trackers and systems provided by SAP Sailing Analytics ( Here is the current schedule for this weekend’s sailing leagues from May 20th to 22nd: