Sunday, May 22, 2016

J/46 Bolaro Cruising South Pacific!

J/46 sailing off Marquesas Islands- South Pacific (Marquesas Islands)- The J/46 BOLARO is cruising the South Pacific- Eric McClure’s latest update on their adventure is explained here: “As you see, we made it to the Marquesas Islands.  The J/46 Bolaro made the trip from San Diego to South Pacific in 16 days 19 hours.  In other words, around 17 days.  It is 2,800nm and we sailed about 3,200nm. 

After talking to other boats in the Marquesas,  only catamarans do that speed.  At night we do not fly the spinnaker, so we can sleep with one person on watch.  After all, we are cruising 9 to 10 kts, and we very commonly hit 16.9 kts, but it did not last long.”