Friday, May 20, 2016

J/24 HAWKEYE Wins Barbados Boatyard Cup

J/24 Hawkeye wins Boatyard Cup in Barbados (Barbados)- In the far eastern parts of the Caribbean in late April, there are many ‘tings still happ’n ‘mon!  Consider the 40+ year old J/24 class.  It was the world’s first 5,000+ boat one-design keelboat. Ever. And, its passionate fanatics around the world continue to enjoy her attributes- easy to sail, smooth decks, comfy interior (an important feature for many women sailors!).

Barbados J/24 sailors are enjoying their pretty little jewel of an island in the eastern parts of the Caribbean.  A Barbados J/24 “yacht club” was formed and they happen to be having a great time.  Hard not for them to be lovin’ the amazin’ breeze that blasts across the island at a steady 15-25 kts in their easterly “tradewinds” (only their Kingston, Jamaica J/22 friends can claim higher winds- 20-30 kts steady mid-afternoon!).  Yes, the conditions are amazing.  Sunny. No clouds. 80F’s all day.

Barbados' Boatyard Beach BarSo, Team HAWKEYE won the 2016 Boatyard J/24 Regatta.  Did that mean they won “free drinks” for friends and the team at Barbados’ #1 beach bar and restaurant- THE BOATYARD?  Who knows?!  Indeed, they celebrated. TEAM HAWKEYE’s crew included Colin Symes, Jaime Ward, Eddie Cheeseman, Charles Allen and Annika Povey.

Not to be outdone by the HAWKEYE team was Burke’s IMPULSE crew, finishing just one point back in second place with 8 pts.  Mayers’ ESPERANZA won the first race, but “faded to black” thereafter to hang on to third place with 9 pts.

So, how does the BOATYARD BAR & RESTAURANT/ SUZUKI MARINE/ CARTER’S FISHERMAN’S CORNER National Championship series look like going into the next series of races?  Well, just so happens that BUNGA BUNGA’s Mr. Gloumeau is winning! While they trashed their Boatyard Cup results, their amazin’ performances in ‘da TIKI BAR and MASSY STORES Regattas are keepin’ ‘dem in ‘da’hunt!

With Gloumeau’s crew on BUNGA BUNGA currently leading by just 2 pts, it’s Mayers’ ESPERANZA in 2nd place.  Behind them it's a cluster of "coconuts", with Povey’s HAWKEYE tied with Burke’s IMPULSE on 13 pts each and just one point back is Tindale’s COLLEGE FUND$ in fifth place.  And, so it goes down island!  For more Barbados J/24 Sailing information