Saturday, April 2, 2016

Russian Beluga Whales Play With J/70s!

J/70 with white beluga whale friend!(Sochi, Russia)- J/70 and huge white beluga whales in Sochi, Russia harbor?  Yes, remarkably enough.  This sweet whale was offering a friendly “nudge” to J/70 sailors participating in a regatta in Sochi (site of the 2014 Winter Olympics just off the Black Sea).

Grigory Aksenov recorded the whole encounter.  Here’s what he said, “the J/70s are now in Sochi for the winter J/70 Sailing League season. After the first event finishes, the J/70s will move back to the Volga River just northwest of Moscow’s famous Red Square for the next events in the J/70 sailing league.

These photos were taken at a “beer can” (corporate) regatta for the company "Partizan”.  The guys said there were actually two beluga whales in the harbor (ordinarily, they live in Arctic Circle).  They were guessing the whale pair probably escaped from oceanarium or zoo on the Black Sea- - nobody knows.  They were friendly and were asking the J/70 sailors for some fish to eat.  Clearly, they were well-trained and had been around people before.  The sailors were also joking that they were “Russian Navy whales” guarding President Vladimir Putin's residence, because it is very near the harbor.  Ha! I doubt it.  But, in any case it was very amazing sight to see them swimming amongst the J/70s!”