Monday, April 11, 2016

J/112E Sport Cruising Le SPI Ouest!

J/112E sailing SPI Ouest France(La Trinite sur Mer, France)- J-LANCE 12, the brand new J/112E that sailed SPI Ouest France over the Easter Holiday weekend, finished 2nd overall in one of the toughest IRC classes in the entire regatta. In incredibly demanding conditions, the boat revealed it was performing better than anyone expected upwind in any conditions.  And, perhaps most surprisingly, downwind in breezy conditions the J/112E “sport cruiser” has a nice ability to start planing!

J/112E interior- sport cruising sailboatWhat is most intriguing of that experience is that she demonstrates that she has wonderful balance- with real “dual purpose” capabilities in a 36 foot boat; proven racing performance with extraordinary “creature-comforts”!  Customer feedback from prospective J/112E owners has been nothing short of amazing, most remarking that such a sumptuous interior cannot possibly go that fast! In fact, her top end at SPI Ouest was 17.5 kts with finger-tip control!  Call your local J/Boats dealer for more information or a demo sail soon!   For more J/112E Sports Cruiser sailing information