Sunday, November 29, 2015

FRAPORITA Ices Cooling Down Regatta

J/22s sailing The Netherlands Frostbite regatta (The Hague, The Netherlands)- Like their colleagues in the local J/80 fleet in the Netherlands, the J/22s enjoyed one of their largest turnouts for the fall Cooling Down Regatta.  Ten boats sailed this year’s regatta in good sailing conditions, with the fleet being treated to eight races over the weekend!  The winning FRAPORITA team consisted of Jean-Michel Lautier, Giuseeppe d’Aquino, and Denis Neves.  The margin of victory was enormous, posting seven 1sts in the eight race series for a total of 9 pts.

While the FRAPORITA gang vaporized the race course, it was quite the battle for the balance of the top five.  Just barely hanging onto second place after posting a string of three 4ths for the last three races was the crew on ELAINE (Ivo Jeukens, Ir. Schildkamp, and Danny Struijkenkamp).  Taking the bronze on the podium was JAM SESSION sailed by the team of Erik Verboom, Murat Almat, and Chris Bern. Their 2-3-2 in the last three races enabled them to nearly grab the silver, finishing just 3 pts back from ELAINE.
Sailing a consistent series all weekend long was the family team on JUT EN JUL (Dirk, Jan, Rosemarijn, Sanne and Liselotte Verdoorn), taking 4th place with just about a 4th average!  Fifth place was one of the famous J/22 teams in The Netherlands- the BIG ROLL TU DELFT- BROACH BARENT (with crew of Joost van der Heiden, Madelief Doeleman, Matthjis Vo, and Daan Grundeman).   Taking 6th place was the top German team  JOU JOU 3 (Thomas Loesch, Rob Longridge, and Katya Lenskaya).