Thursday, October 29, 2015

Russian J/70 making waves with “classic” Trabant

J/70 sailboat and Russian Trabant towing vehicle(Moscow, Russia)- the most famous of all Russian automobiles is still running strong.  The Edsel Ford of the Communist Party era has now become a lovable classic that are restored far, far beyond their usable expiration date.

Here’s one in eastern Russia towing a J/70 as part of the J/70s “eastern tour” within Russia.  Check out the movie, an original Trabant with a mini-4 cylinder engine is still capable of moving it around the boat yard!  In Germany, it would be the same as having the original VW Volkswagen Bug doing the same thing!  Wonders will never cease.  The juxtaposition of the world's leading sportsboat and the Russian “everyman” car is too amusing for words.  Watch this YouTube sailing video here- proof the Trabant lives!