Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jammin Jamaica J/22 Invite!

J/22s sailing Jamaica- Montego Bay (Montego Bay, Jamaica)- Remember the winter of 2015?! Anyone who answers “yes” is required to book now for the annual Jammin Jamaica J/22 Invitational Regatta from December 4th to 6th! 

For havin’ more fun’n’da’sun than you can possibly imagine, you get three days of sailing based on the following:
  • race a J/22 with no boat rental charge and nominal entry fee
  • be hosted by a J/22 fleet member (yes, you will have a wonderful Jamaican host!)
  • enjoy the sun and fun in Jamaica
  • sail in 20 knots trade winds in the blue Caribbean sea (virtually guaranteed)
Does any of this sound in the slightest bit challenging?  No! Book now to avoid disappointment!

J/22 Viking sailors- Cayman Islands women's teamThis year our Cayman Island comrades are bringing their own boats to compete- so even more boats are available for others! The only problem with the Caymanians is this- we get a blonde “Viking invasion” every year!

The focus on land-based fun for non-sailing visitors will continue, schedule available on request. Trust us. The evening of festivities on Saturday night up in the cool, verdant hills of Jamaica is simply legendary.

You cannot go wrong.  Sail in Montego Bay and enjoy the memories of a lifetime.  The perfect time to relax, catch some rays, get a tan like us in Jamaica, then go skiing with your friends over the Christmas holidays! Your friends will be shocked to see you in such radiant, effervescent health from having sailed J/22s in a natural thassalo-therapy spa like “Mo’Bay”!

Want more information?  Please contact J/22 Mo’Bay Fleet Captain- Richard Hamilton. Ph- +876-524-5040 or email- jaminJ22@mobayyachtclub.com    Experience the essence of the J/22 MoBay fleet here on their Facebook page    For more Jammin Jamaica J/22 Invite sailing information