Saturday, January 10, 2015

J/70 Q-II Series Preview

J/70 fleet sailing- Tampa, FL (Tampa, FL)- The second annual J/70 Quantum Winter Series hosted by Davis Island YC saw an enormous turnout of forty-seven teams eager to enjoy sailing in the warm, southern climate of Florida for the first event in the series back in December.  In the light, shifty conditions, Marty Kullman’s NEW WAVE team took home the silverware.  However, it’s a New Year and you can bet several teams have made it their mission to fulfill their first New Year’s wish of the season— win “Q-II” in Tampa this weekend from January 10th to 11th!

Will Allan Terhune’s DAZZLER team wake up from a holiday-induced coma of food and drink to run the table?  Are the young bucks from Annapolis in the form of Cole Allsopp and friends on MOXIE dialed into the warm, mind-expanding weather?  Or, will Dave Franzel’s SPRING, Will Welles’ RASCAL or Jacko Franco’s Texas gangsters throw everyone a curve-ball and dominate the podium?

Remember, you can watch the action “live” on the Internet using the “tracking app” (Android and Apple iOS).  There was a lot of lively conversation in the Davis Island YC bar after the last series as team watched themselves do the right (or wrong) thing on the big screens! Check out the app here at (    The “live” broadcast 3D replays are available here.
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