Thursday, July 31, 2014

J/125 TIMESHAVER Flies Dana Pt Offshore.

J/125 Timeshaver sailing Dana Point offshore (Dana Point, CA)- This years’ Seal Beach to Dana Point Offshore race had around 50 boats and they were treated to a beautiful day.  From Ericsson 38's to a J-125 the race had a plethora of boats, each with a good shot at the overall.  Here’s the report from Keith Magnussen from the perspective aboard the J/125 TIMESHAVER:

“For most of the race, we were hoping to use our new Code 0 on the J/125 TIMESHAVER.  Viggo Torbensen (who owns the J-125) is keen to optimize his boat for Transpac 2015 and has chosen Ullman Sails to power his awesome boat.  Viggo had this to say about the Code 0 and working with Ullman Sails, ‘It starts with a desire to win then comes the boat keeping it dialed in and in top top shape, next would be align yourself with a sailmaker that understands the goal and is willing to go the extra mile to make the boat go fast, Ullman has become an easy choice for me because of Keith, yourself (Erik Shampain) and the team behind you. The code zero proved to be an amazing sail yesterday, but again, I recognize it came out right because someone sat down and put thoughts into and designed the sail for the boat. All of the sails I have purchased from you guys have come with the same impressive attention to detail."

We started the race in a southerly and were the first boat to put up any sort of spinnaker when we raised our Code 0 about 30 seconds after the start.  Immediately we powered through the slower boats that started in front us.  We also put a substantial gap between us and the Farr 40.  The Melges 32 "Pendragon" had the ability to keep up with us in the light stuff and stayed close on our heels.  As the race progressed, we easily sailed at 70 TWA at wind speed or more.  Fantastic conditions for us and we excelled when the wind went to 110+ TWA and we changed to the 3A.  This was short lived and we went back to the Code 0 and put more distance on the fleet.

We were thinking about the overall as we rounded the iconic Dana Point and switched to the 1A.  In the end we got nipped by a bunch of friends on another well-sailed offshore program.”
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