Saturday, June 21, 2014

Join Summer Sailstice! Celebrate Sailing!

Summer SailsticeJimmy Buffet's Margaritaville To Showcase Sailing
(Newport, RI)- Sailstice is a worldwide celebration of sailing on the weekend closest to the summer solstice – this year the solstice falls on a Saturday, June 21, 2014!

All sailors, all sailing, everywhere will change the perception of sailing and what better help than Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville now offering new rewards to sailors ‘strutting their sailing stuff’ while challenging traditional sailing stereotypes. Margaritaville is adding prizes and outreach for the wide range of individuals and organizations posting their events on “” in celebration of the 14th annual event happening on June 21st.

Jimmy Buffet- sailor manJohn Arndt founded Summer Sailstice in February 2001, as the global, annual celebration of sailing held on the summer solstice.  The annual Summer Sailstice sailing event is free to all participants and has grown from 200 boats signed up in 2001 to almost 5,000 boats today. Since many sailors join in the fun on many different boats, the actual number of Summer Sailstice sailors participating is estimated at almost 19,000 annually.

In joining with Sailors for the Sea, Summer Sailstice strives to inform and mobilize sailors, their families and communities to enjoy and conserve the beauty of the oceans and while raising awareness of human impacts on the fragile marine environment and wildlife.

Why Celebrate Sailing?
Sailing has expanded the horizons of the human race, connected continents and cultures, enriched the lives of mankind and, to this day, continues to bring millions under its spell. Summer Sailstice is dedicated to celebrating the full mosaic of the sailing culture.  By celebrating sailing Summer Sailstice will help the non-sailing world discover sailing, help connect sailors and connect more people to caring for the oceans and waters upon which they sail.   For more Summer Sailstice sailing information