Sunday, June 8, 2014

J/24 Mermaid To The Rescue!

(Lake Pleasant, AZ)- Now that all things great and good are taking place in world of spring commissioning for boat owners in the northern parts, we usually get some amusing reports from J/Boat owners east and west about their projects (e.g. one year it was “how to install a keg-erator into a J/24”)!  Lately, it seems the small J/Navy on Lake Pleasant in Arizona are having their version of “spring cleaning”, too.  Here is the latest report from Victor Felice from Phoenix, AZ.  It seems his J/24 MERMAID RESCUE has arisen like a phoenix from her ashes!  Victor commented on their process:

“The grand overhaul of the J/24 MERMAID RESUCE is finally over! Just over five weeks of ‘as soon as I finish this, I’ll work on the boat’ – pretty quick!  New everything from top to bottom. For Christmas, I want the West Marine box of 1001 stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers!

When I was young, I always had to write an essay titled “What I did this summer”.  This is what I did this spring, watch this video documentary (quite an amazing transformation) -

As soon as the racing season ended last fall, out she came for a full overhaul.  I am spending a very long weekend in San Diego on a friends boat. Then, off to Lake Pleasant to see what we can break!  All the best, Victor”.    Here’s the J/24 MERMAID RESCUE blog and website