Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bayview One-Design Regatta Preview

J/Fest Bayview Yacht Club(Detroit, MI)- Over the past few years a “new” regatta has continued to grow in prominence in the greater Detroit region that encompasses Lake Huron, Lake St Claire and Lake Erie.  It’s often hard to draw sailors from all three lakes together, but if there’s ever a yacht club that can do it, then Bayview YC’s famous location off Detroit does it better than most.  Don’t forget, this club also hosts the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race, a highly popular Great Lakes distance race on Lake Huron.

The Bayview One-Design Detroit Regatta now encompasses over a dozen classes that range from Lightning’s up to J/120s as well as a few PHRF classes in the mix to keep it all on the fun-loving side!

The J/120s continue to enjoy themselves sailing on the grand’ole Great Lakes.  In the “day’twah” area in particular, the 120s are having a bit of a renaissance with nine teams sailing in this year’s event!  Many new faces, plenty of old veterans are in the crowd.  Frank Kern’s CARINTHIA, Bill Bresser’s FLYIN’ IRISH, Mike Kirkman’s HOT TICKET, Dave Sandlin’s J-HAWKER and Henry Mistele’s NIGHT MOVES will be doing their level best to keep their noses above water, stayin’ out of trouble (on and off the water) and hoping for some silverware at the end of the weekend.

In PHRF 1 class, you have infamous sailing teams like Bill Wildner’s J/35 MR BILL’S WILD RIDE hoping to keep up their winning ways as well.  They not only have a lot of fun (perhaps more than most) but remarkably, after a few years of sailing, still know how to get around the race track and win more than their fair share of “pickle dishes” for the dusty trophy case now occupying their entire house!  Giving them a run-for-the-roses are Bill Jenkins J/35 DOUBLE SHOT, Ed Bayer’s J/35 FALCON and Don Harthorn’s J/105 SNAKE OIL.  This 35-foot class promises to be a good’ole butt-whippin’ kind of place— careful all!

Over in PHRF “Warhorse” class, the beautiful J/44 SAGITTA sailed by a few past commodores and led by Jon Somes & Larry Oswald will be doing their best to post a good performance.  Likewise, in PHRF 2 Terry Stuck’s J/29 BARON will be trying to stick it to some S2 9.1’s in a somewhat “level 30” class.  For more Bayview One-Design Regatta sailing information