Monday, December 16, 2013

J/88 Sailing & Walk-thru Video

J/88 sailing video overview (Newport, RI)- This past summer, the family-friendly J/88 speedster enjoyed demonstration sails and reviews by many leading sailing publications from around the world.  One of the more interesting J/88 sailing and walk-throughs happened to take place on one of the lighter air days we had in Newport all summer.

Here is the commentary from Adam Coker, from the multimedia company, “The Hull Story”.  Adam and Jeff Johnstone took the opportunity to do a complete 360-degree overview of the J/88.  Here’s Adam’s commentary:

“While in Newport after sailing from Bermuda to Newport, we heard that the J/88 had just been launched and we caught up with Jeff Johnstone at J/Boats for a tour. Jeff did a great job at explaining their strategy in developing the J/88.  If you want to buy a J/88 this might be the video to show your wife if she does not like heavy air sailing!” :-)   Please see The Hull Story’s sailing & walk-through video:
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