Monday, December 2, 2013

Dusseldorf Show Charity Raffle for J/109!

J/109 cruiser racer sailboat
(Dusseldorf, Germany)- This year’s 2014 Dusseldorf Boat Show (running from 18th to 26th January) hopes to bring a lot of happiness to many children that are lovingly taken care of in the “sunshine4kids” charity. The winners of the charity raffle are (i) the proud new owner of a J/109 cruiser-racer and (ii) the “sunshine4kids” charity receiving a donation of 50,000 EUROs!  For those sailors who love to help friends and family and those in need, this partnership between the show, the J/Dealer in Germany- Mittelsman’s Werft- and others promises to bring a lot of smiles and warm hearts to the children and young people in need from all over Germany.  Visit Mittelsman’s Werft booth in Hall 14 (Hall 14/ Stand 14/ B 04) to enter the raffle, see the J/Boats on display and to see the “live” drawing at the end of the show!

The show in Dusseldorf has committed for several years to the “sunshine4kids” charity. Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, Chairman and CEO of Messe Dusseldorf, has personally taken over the patronage of the "Hope Fleet 2014" to help support distressed children and young people from all over Germany. "I am sure our visitors will be happy to participate in this great raffle for charity and I hope that we end up with two lucky winners and can give sunshine4kids a very nice donation," said Mr Dornscheidt.

sunshine4kids sailing charity germany“sunshine4kids” is aimed at supporting children and young people who are suffering from cancer, have lost a parent, or are living in family with a terminally ill sibling. The organization provides free sailing activities, projects and other events to help grow their zest for life and give them new perspectives of the world. Gaby Schaefer, Chairman and Founder of sunshine4kids, is pleased about the commitment of the  Dusseldorf show, Mittelsman’s Werft contribution of the J/109 and the other companies involved, because "without economic support and without our volunteer skipper and care-givers, even the most meaningful projects simply cannot be realized— we’re very grateful for their contributions!”

"We hope to see many J/sailors and J/Boat owners from across Germany and Europe", said Henning Mittelsman, the Managing Director of Mittelsman’s Werft in Germany.  Mr Mittelsman mentioned that he hopes everyone who stops by makes a small contribution to the project and, most importantly, learns more about how to help the “sunshine4kids” program, commenting that “every helping hand is of great value to the children and we hope we might even get some volunteers to take the children sailing!”  For more J/109 sailboat information.    For more boat show information and the “sunshine4kids” foundation charity