Saturday, December 7, 2013

Don's J/70 Trailering & Logistics Ideas

Don Finkle & son sailing J/70s in New York and Key West(Youngstown, NY)- Don Finkle from RCR Yachts had some good insights on J/70s, trailering and logistics for those who are considering doing more traveling to regattas.  Here are some of Don’s comments:

“One of the best attributes of the 70 is the ease of which you can tow it places.  I have towed our hull #15 over 10,000 miles so far and other than one one goof where I cut a corner too tight and knocked off a tail light it has been a piece of cake. 

The loaded 70 on trailer is low to the ground and you can board without a ladder by either stepping on the fender or on a dock box forward.  We recommend a simple plastic three-step stool that you can use to board on the transom.

We also installed a very inexpensive box we picked up at Lowe's which is handy for stowage of gear we don't want to keep inside the boat.

Because the boat is low, light and streamlined it tows much easier than most other boats.  The mast is deck stepped (shorter than if it was keel stepped) so it only sticks out a short way forward and aft of the hull.  The hinged mast step makes for easier step/unstep and you can ramp launch the boat yourself.  We highly recommend the “mast-stepping aid”, a simple device J/Boats designed that has a trailer “roller” mounted atop a six ft piece of 2”x 4” wood and fixed with a c-clamp onto the outboard bracket and lashed (bolted if you want) to the mast brace that spans the two transom pulpits— could not make hoisting the mast any easier!  Just put the top of the mast on it, roll it back, pin the mast-step, raise the mast!

The trailer-ability has allowed us to take our 70 to places such as Key West, Charleston, Newport, Annapolis (3 times), and so forth.  If you have not yet traveled with your 70 you are missing out on half the fun.  We’re looking forward to another full season of sailing!”