Friday, April 5, 2013

Learning Curve: J/70 Sailing Lessons

J/70 sailed by Al Poindexter from TexasFrom the Front Lines @ Bacardi Sailing Week
(Miami, FL)- "The new J/70 has gathered a lot of momentum from coast to coast. Earlier this month, twenty boats competed at the 2013 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week making it the fourth major regatta in the short history of the class," says Terra Lee Berlinski.

She goes on to explain, "Participating in the regatta was Quantum San Diego’s Eric Heim who served as trimmer and tactician on board USA 98 owned by Al Poindexter (below left). It was the crew’s first regatta together, resulting in a lot of lessons. Reflecting on the highs and lows of the regatta, the boat, what worked and what didn’t, Eric took away several lessons from the event."

As Eric describes of their experience, "During Wednesday’s practice, it blew 16-20 knots providing steady planing conditions. Upwind, the bowman and pitman hiked legs out while the tactician/trimmer hiked in ball form next to the winch, in order to make trim adjustments. This allowed the helmsman to focus on steering. It was helpful to cross-sheet the jib to the weathered winch and to foot rather then pinch through the waves. Downwind, the jib stayed open while planing to give more sail area in front of keel to help pull the bow down."   Read more here about Eric's description on what they found made the J/70 sail better