Tuesday, April 9, 2013

J/Fest & Strictly Sail Show

J/70 sailing in heavy winds off Key West, FL(San Francisco Bay, California)- Over the coming week and a half, their will be plenty to keep greater Bay area sailors and friends busy.  Starting April 11-14, the Strictly Sail Pacific sailboat show will be featuring two of the hottest boats in the J/Boats line-up, the J/70 and the J/111.  Head on over to the show and if you give Norm a deposit on either boat, he's certain to give you a J/70 or J/111 hat on the spot!  The Strictly Sail show will be based in Alameda, California in the "east Bay".  With any luck, there may be a possibility to schedule a demo sail on a 70 or 111, too!  For more Strictly Sail show information.

After you've had a chance to "whet your whistle" and fantasize about the newest and latest J's to fly across Bay waters, the following week will see the San Francisco J/Fest taking place from April 20-21st at St Francis YC.  Classes invited to the event include the debut of the J/70s alongside the traditional local fleets of J/105s, J/120s and even J/24s.  All the action will take place right next to where all the crazy America's Cup action is happening between Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll see guys in designer space-suits flying on foils with monster wings adorned in gaudy sponsor graphics-- yeah, looks like NASCAR speedway on the water.  For more J/Fest sailing informationSailing photo credits- Tim Wilkes.com

For additional information on either Strictly Sail or J/Fest San Francisco, please be sure to contact Norm Davant - ph- 510-523-8500 or email- norm@sailcal.com