Sunday, April 7, 2013

J/30 Owners Meet at US Watercraft

J/30 sailors owners- at J/Fest rendezvous in Warren, RI (Warren, RI)- the March Rendezvous event was a big success with a strong showing by the J/30 Class.  There were fifteen J/30 owners represented (seen here).  The factory tour provided an opportunity to see a combination of the technologies and craftsmanship required to build the original J/30s.  There were breakout seminars covering boat design, boat maintenance, diesel engines, navigation instruments, construction techniques, and many more.

J/Boats had a strong showing by boat owners and a number of Johnstone family members attended, including Rodney- the original J/30 designer and his son Jeff.  Randy Borges, the owner and president of Waterline Systems spoke briefly to the group after lunch.  Sarah Angell from Waterline Systems has been working to develop the J/30 parts and service page that should be ready soon.  This page will be a great asset to J/30 owners as a source of parts.  Waterline Systems also provides a full spectrum of services for boats that include hull and fiberglass repair and painting.  Mike Trindade is the former TPI parts manager and has offered to help locate sources for some of the semi-custom parts used on the J/30.  For more J/30 owners and class sailing information