Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New J/122 Debuts at Spi Ouest

Two J/122s were recently launched in France to compete in the 2007 Spi Ouest Regatta, sailed off of La Trinite, France on Easter weekend. This highlight event is limited to 700 entries and this year included a class record 80 boat J/80 fleet as well as a J/105 class start, in addition to the debut of the new J/122.

Didier Le Moal’s J-LANCE 4 and Phillipe Delaporte’s sparkling dark blue ATLANTIS sailed against a 46 boat class that included X-40s, the new X-41, IMX 40s, First 40.7s, Grand Soleil 40s, a custom Mills 39, a new Archambault 40 racing version, a Corby 40, Dufour 40, IMX 45s, Dehler 44 and many others. The J/122s finished 3rd and 4th in class overall with only two larger professionally sailed boats ahead in the standings. Many were impressed to see the J/122 in or close to the lead at the first weather mark in several of the races in this large 46 boat fleet.

“As this was our first competitive regatta we tamed our expectations and focused primarily on learning how best to sail and trim the boat for the conditions of each day. After placing second in race 1 and the other J/122 winning we were very excited. Looking back now with the event completed, we are delighted to have finished within the top boats of this competitive class,” said Le Moal. “The J/122 has proven to be a competitive, elegant and simple to sail boat with a forgiving and light touch on the helm and a complete cruising interior. She has performed beyond our expectations and we look forward to many more fun regattas.” Even the winning skipper of the IRC class Gery Trentesaux took notice and complimented Didier Le Moal and the J/122 for a successful debut. complete results